a big elephant tied by a thin rope
a big elephant tied by a thin rope

Once I saw a boy crying for a toy so badly. He was hardly of five, came to accompany his father to the market nearby.

“when you have nothing to do, feeling empty inside, go and spend few hours  among strangers. Sit on a bench of a park, roam around the most crowded street or take few moment to observe what busiest and successful people are doing when they are free” – no, it is not any ancient wisdom. All came to me when I was a kid who was just trying to differentiate so called happy people and people in agony. While reading  this try to relate it with your life. This toy can be anything, his father can be  god in your case. Lines do have multiple meanings.

As far as I can recall his name was Shivam, his father took his name while they were NEGOTIATING. From father’s arms he ran towards a toy shop but instead of entering he stopped at the front door and started gazing at one of want-to-attract toys showcased outside the shop. After few minutes he realized how badly he wants the toy and played the tear card just like we did or even now do. His father denied at first because he knew his son is just obsessed not fascinated. Every teardrop is a water fall. How true. His father melted and what he did, I call it  “Parental Panacea”. He knew obsessions can only be washed out by new obsessions. Father convinced his son to enter inside the shop and look what else he wants to have. I was running out of my free time but witnessing this masterpiece was worth my or any engineer’s time. After roughly 15 minutes Shivam came out with a very different  toy and more importantly a big smile on his face. He was not crying for the previous toy anymore, not even looked at it while leaving it behind. His father kicked his bike and headed towards home with happy Shivam holding him tight from back.

The reason I called it masterpiece because I felt whatever happened in this 15 minutes just summarized a full life time. How different are you from the little boy? Don’t tell me you did not fall for something just after a single interaction. But you did not settle, you prevailed over the temptation for better purpose. Who was the father in your case? Who told you to look around and see the world without any pre-determined  obsession? Your greed? Conscience? Unsatisfied need? Or call it wisdom to sound wise and decent  like you always want to appear. I don’t care what you call it but just don’t settle. Everything is perfect from a certain distance. Don’t let the distance fool you. Keep going. Tried? Failed?! No matter try again, fail again, fail better. Remember “OOPS!” Is always better than “should have tried”



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